Research Into Williams Family Origins

Names of some early family connections, and relatives given in these pages.

These names include the maiden names of wives or widows, and there are brief details of spouse and a date of birth or marriage. The web page is here to asssit those finding ancestors or family links when using public search engines.

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Our information on the family and relatives of Thomas (1753-1804) and Mary Williams of Gosport prior to 1800 is very sparse, or virtually non-existant. If you have any information on the early families of those listed, please do not hesitate to contact me.

The names below are drawn from the texts of documents, or trees on this site. A married woman will be listed as;
'Mary Marsh b.1756, m. Thomas Williams.'
'Mary Williams (nee Marsh) b.1756, sp Thomas Williams.'
'Thomas Williams b.1753, m. Mary Marsh.'

Abbreviations: 'b' = born; 'c' = circa/about (generally 'born about'); 'd' = died; 'm' = married; 'sp' = spouse; 'T = tree;

Spelling: Names are spelt as taken from original records. If Hannah is spelt Hanah here it is because of original spelling. Isger and Isgar are both found in records pertaining to same surname.

References: Trees on this website are in .pdf format and not searchable by normal search engines, so all names in the trees are listed on this page.   ALL the links / trees on this page OPEN IN A NEW WINDOW
  T1 = Tree showing Thomas Williams parents, wife and children with spouse.
T2 = Tree of grandparents, parents and siblings of Marianne Williams (nee Coldham)
T3 = Tree showing grandparents, parents and connections of Jane Williams (nee Nelson)
T4 = Tree with descendants of Thomas Sydney Williams

  Elizabeth Attenborough b.1796, m. Apr 1816 John Williams. T1.

  Eliza Attenburrow b.1795.
Elizabeth Attenburrow (nee?) sp. John Attenburrow. Mother of Eliza, Indira and Lucy.
Indira Attenburrow b.1794.
John Attenburrow m Elizabeth ? . Father of Eliza, Indira and Lucy.
Lucy Attenburrow b. Jan 1792.
  Ann Bankhead b.1810 (nee Coldham), m. William Bankhead. T2
William Bankhead m. Ann Coldham. T2

  Mary Margaret Beetham b.1848, m. James Nelson Williams. T3

  Elizabeth Catherine Browne d.1819, m. John Marsh. T1,

  John Clerke (Sir. R.N.) b. 1734, m. Lydia Hammond. T1,
Lydia Clerke b.1740 (nee Hammond), sp. John Clerke. T1
Lydda Clerke & Lady Clerke = same person as Lydia above.
  Ann Coldham b.1774 (nee Temple), m. Wright Coldham. T2
Anne Coldham b.1810, m. William Bankhead. T2.
Caroline Humphrey Coldham b.1800. T2.
Dorothy Coldham (nee Wright) sp. George Coldham. T2
Emily Temple Coldham b.1807. T2.
Fanny (Francis) Flemming Coldham c.1802. T2
Frances Fletcher Coldham b.1800. T2.
Frances Fleming Coldham b.1802.
George Coldham m. Dorothy Wright. T2
George Coldham b.1766 (town clerk, Nottingham). T2
George Humphrey Coldham died young c.1800. T2
George Temple Coldham died young c.1800. T2
George Temple Coldham died young c.1800. T2
Maria Matthews Coldham b.1806, m. John Morgan. T2.
Marianne Coldham b.1793, m. Henry Williams. T2 T1.
Sarah Eliza Coldham b.1803. T2
Sara Elizabeth Coldham b.1804.
Wright Coldham b.1770 (Sheriff Nottingham), m. Ann Temple. T2

  Anna Maria Dale c.1766 m. 10 May 1791, James Nelson. T3.
Dorothea Dale c.1771, m. 29 Sept 1795, George Nelson. T3.

  Nora Selina Dobell b. 13 April 1841 m. Edmund Sydney Williams. T4,

  Harriott Fenn b.1786. T1,
Lydia Fenn b.1757 (nee Williams), sp. John Fenn. T1,
Lydia Fenn b.1785. T1,
John Fenn, m. 1784 Lydia Williams. T1,
Rebecca Fenn b.1791. T1

  Elizabeth Field d.1826, m. John Heath. T1,

  Catherine (Kate) Goodban b.1828, m. Edmund Sydney Williams. T4,

  George Hammond, m. Mary ?. T1,
James Hammond b.1698, m. Lydia Isger. T1,
James Hammond d. 31.1.1739, T1,
James Hammond d. 25.2.1745. T1,
Lydia Hammond b.1700 (nee Isger), sp. James Hammond. T1, (also seen spelt as Lydda).
Lydia Hammond b.1740, m. i John Clerke, ii Joseph Townsend. T1, (also seen spelt as Lydda).
Lydda Hammond - same as above.
Mary Hammond (nee ?), sp. George Hammond. T1,

  Caroline Eliza Heath b.1793 m. Thomas Sydney Williams. T1, T4,
Elizabeth Heath d.1826 (nee Field), sp. John Heath. T1,
John Heath b.1755, m. Elizabeth Field. T1,

  Catherine Heathcote b.1797 (nee Williams) m. Edward Heathcote. T1,
Edward Heathcote b.1797, m. Catherine Williams. T1,

  Rebecca Isgar b.1713 - see ISGER. (The correct spelling appears to be Isger. Isgar only appears on the Phillimore marriage record of the Rev. Thomas Williams.) [NTHW]

  Hanah Isger b.1685. T1,
John Isger b.1678, m. Lydia ?. T1,
John Isger b.1701 (baker). T1,
Lydia Isger b.1678 (nee ?), sp. John Isger. T1,
Lydia Isger b.1700, m. James Hammond. T1,
Lydia Isgar       "     "     "     ".   T3,
Mary Isger b.1647 (nee ?). T1,
Rebecca Isger b.1713, m. Thomas Williams. T1,

  Edward Garrard Marsh b.1783 (Rev.), m. Lydia Williams, T1,
Edward Marsh b.1754 (Capt. R.N.). T1,
Edward Thomas Marsh b. 1785. T1,
Elizabeth Catherine Marsh d.1819 (nee Browne) sp.John Marsh. T1,
Henry Egerton Marsh b.1776. T1,
Henry Marsh b.1713 (Capt. R.N.), m. Mary Tyler. T1,
Henry Marsh b.1753. T1,
Lydia Marsh b.1788 (nee Williams), sp. Edward Garrard Marsh. T1,
John Marsh b.1752, m. Elizabeth Catherine Browne. T1,
John Marsh b.1764 (son of John & Ann).
John Marsh b.1775. T1,
Mary Marsh c.1715/20 (nee Tyler), sp. Henry Marsh. T1,
Mary Marsh b.1756, m. Thomas Williams. T1,
Mary Marsh b1770 (or late 1769 - daughter of John & Ann).
William Marsh 1757. T1,

  Emily, m.1855 Charles Nelson. T3,

  Maria Morgan b.1806 (nee Coldham), sp. John Morgan. T2
John Morgan m. 28.08.1835 Maria Coldham. T2

  Ann Nelson b.1765. T3,
Ann Nelson b.1798.
Ann Nelson b.1805.
Anna Maria Nelson c.1766 (nee Dale), sp. James Nelson. T3,
Charles Nelson b.1805.
Charles Nelson b.1834, m. Emily Mollady. T3,
Dorothea Nelson c.1771 (nee Dale), sp. George Nelson. T3,
Dorothea Nelson christened 2nd March 1796.
Elizabeth Dorothea Nelson b.1807. 4,
Elizabeth Nelson b.1767. T3,
Elizabeth Nelson b.1793.
Elizabeth Nelson (nee Watson), sp. George Nelson m. 1795. T3,
Emily Nelson (nee Mollady) , sp. Charles Nelson (m. 1855). T3,
Emma Nelson b.1845 (nee Williams), sp. William Nelson. T3,
Francis Ernest Nelson b.1869, m. Winifred Beetham Williams. T3,
George Nelson b.1735, m. Elizabeth Watson. T3,
George Nelson b.1762 (Nottingham Sheriff), m. Dorothea Dale. T3.
George Nelson b.1800, m. Sarah Philbrick. T3,
Harriet Nelson christened 25 Jan 1797.
James Nelson c.1763, m. Anna Maria Dale. T3,
James Henry Nelson b.1803.
Jane Nelson b.1768. T3,
Jane Nelson b.1897.
Jane Nelson b.1801, m. William Williams. T1, T3,
Richard Nelson b.1803.
Sarah Nelson christened 9th July 1798.
Sarah Nelson (nee Philbrick) sp.1830 George Nelson. T3,
Susanna Nelson christened 19 Aug 1801.
Thomas Charles Nelson b.1804.
William Nelson b.1843, m. Emma Caroline Williams. T3,
Winifred Nelson b.1872 (nee Williams), sp. Francis Nelson. T3,

  Mary Ness m. c.1765 Robert Temple. T2

  Sarah Philbrick m.1830 George Nelson. T3,

  Mary Roberds b.1767 (nee Temple), sp. W. T. Roberds. T2
W T Roberds m. Mary Temple b.1767. T2

  Bridget Rose (nee Temple) b.1768, sp. John Rose, T2
John Rose m. Bridget Temple b.1768, T2

  Ann Temple b.1774, m. Wright Coldham. T2
Bridget Temple b.1768, m. John Rose. T2
Mary Temple (nee Ness) sp. (m. C1765) Robert Temple. T2
Mary Temple b.1767, m. W T Roberds. T2
Richard Temple. T2
Robert Temple m. C1765 Mary Ness. T2

  Joseph Townsend b.1739 (Rev.), m. Lydia Hammond. T1
Lydia Townsend b 1740 (nee Hammond), sp Joseph Townsend. T1,
  Mary Tyler c.1715/20, m. Henry Marsh. T1, (also shown as Molly Tyler).
Molly Tyler (same person as Mary Tyler above) m.1750 Henry Marsh, T1.
  John Voke b.1749 (Purser R.N.), m. Rebecca Williams. T1,
Rebecca Voke b.1751 (nee Williams), sp. John Voke.

  Elizabeth Watson m.29.09.1759 George Nelson. T3,

  Caroline Williams b.1793 (nee Heath), sp. Thomas Sydney Williams. T1, T4,
Catherine Williams b.1797, m. Edward Heathcote. T1,
Catherine (Kate) Williams (nee Goodban) b.1828, sp. Edmund Sydney Williams. T4,
Edmund Sydney Williams b.1817, m. i. Catherine (Kate) Goodban. T4,
Edmund Sydney Williams b.1817, m. ii. Nora Selina Dobell. T4,
Edmund Sydney Williams b.1869, m. Mary (Molly) Ames. T4,
Elizabeth Williams b.1796 (nee Attenborough), sp. John Williams. T1
Emma Caroline Williams b.1845, m. William Nelson. T3,
Henry Williams b.1792, m. Marianne Coldham. T1, T2
James Nelson Williams b.1837, m. Mary Margaret Beetham. T3,
Jane Williams b.1801 (nee Nelson), sp. William Williams. T1, T3,
John Williams b.1789, m. Apr 1816 Elizabeth Attenborough. T1,
Joseph Williams b.1793. T1,
Lydia Williams b.1757, m. John Fenn. T1,
Lydia Williams b.1788, m. Edward Garrard Marsh. T1,
Marianne Williams b.1793 (nee Coldham), sp. Henry Williams. T2
Mary Rebecca Williams b.1795. T1,
Mary Williams b.1848 (nee Beetham), sp. James Williams. T3,
Mary Williams b.1756 (nee Marsh) sp. Thomas Williams. T1,
Mary Williams b.1784, d.1786. T1,
Nora Selina Williams (nee Dobell) b.1941 sp. Edmund Sydney Williams. T4,
Rebecca Williams b.1713 (nee Isger), sp. Thomas Williams. T1,
Rebecca Williams b.1751, m. John Voke. T1,
Thomas Williams c.1724/25 (Rev.), m. Rebecca Isger. T1,
Thomas Williams b.1753, m. Mary Marsh. T1,
Thomas Sydney Williams b.1786, m. Caroline Eliza Heath. T1, T4,
William Williams b.1800, m. Jane Nelson. T1, T3,

  Dorothy Wright m. George Coldham. T2

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