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The Second Coming Is Fulfilled

.A Discussion 25th April 2013 by Ministers Donald Parnell, Jerry Allen amd Rob Robinson, Dayton, Ohio.

We are trusting the Lord that these type meetings are a help to the believers. The sunbow is a full bow, a double covenant, two halves together for a whole bow. The First and Second Testament come together to bring the full Revelation of the relationship - the Third Testament.

The Second Coming is fulfilled from Acts 2 to 9, through to Sunset Mountain.

ACTS 9:3: And as he (Saul) journeyed, he came near Damascus: and suddenly there shined round about him a light from heaven.

"The same Light shined around about William Branham when he was baptizing on the Ohio River on June 11, 1933. Again it appeared in Houston, Texas in January, 1950."

Pillar of fire, Genesis 1, Acts 1, Acts 2, Acts 9, those were the first two Comings of the Lord Jesus. Revelation 10 - Sunset Mountain - was the beginning and unfolding of the Third Coming and the closing of the Second Coming. The framework of the Second Coming is Acts 2 to Revelation 10 - the Day of Pentecost to Sunset Mountain.

The First Coming of the Lord started in Genesis 3, when the prophecy came forth for a Redeemer. He came in every Prophet of the First Testament and then in His Fullness at the end. John the Baptist introduced the First Testament or Jesus Christ after he was finished with that Coming.

In Acts 2, the Second Coming began and He came in every Messenger as Jesus Christ ... in each Angel and their believers. At the end of the Second Coming, William Branham came on the scene and introduced or revealed the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The Third Testament is now unfolding Itself.

'PARADOX';     Tampa, Florida. 18th April, 1964.
E-10.  Jesus come three times. - One time He come to redeem His wife. - Next... He comes to catch her away. - Next time He comes with her: three comings.

Catch Her away: that is the Second Coming in the Ages. Coming back after Sunset Mountain is Christ coming with Her back to Earth.

'CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED';       Jeffersonville, Indiana. 28th July, 1963.
191.  Notice now, down through the ages, He has been gradually letting this out, slowly unfolding the mystery, through the prophets and through the types.

"Progressive revelation" revealed Jesus Christ from Heaven in the First & Second Testaments.

'LAW OR GRACE';       Jeffersonville, Indiana. 6th October, 1954.
20.  Jesus came the first time, He's been here once hasn't He? He come to redeem His Bride. He comes the second time to receive His Bride, catch her up, meeting in the air, and comes the third time with His Bride as King and Queen.

He shows the 'meeting in the air', as the 'catching away'. So we come back with Him from the 'meeting in the air' (Sunset Mountain), "to receive His Bride". JOHN 14:3: ... I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, [there] ye may be also.

Receive you = his Second Coming.

154-2.   John 14:16: ... it is the Father, Son and Holy Ghost all coming in at the one time. That Advent took place at Pentecost.

That Advent took place at Pentecost! The Second Coming started at Pentecost. Advent: in Latin means "coming" ... Second Coming. Now we definitely have the Second Coming here and finished. Really, if you don't believe the Second Coming has happened yet, then you don't believe the First Coming is finished. That means He hasn't even Redeemed us.

PSALM 90:4: For a thousand years in thy sight are as but yesterday, when it is past, and as a watch in the night.

1000, 24, 3. All the same symbol.

'REVELATION Chapter 4, 'REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST' Book, 585-643     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 1st January, 1961.
39.  ...when the church age had ceased, He left the earth and moved up into the heavens and called His redeemed up with Him.

We showed the beginning of the Second Coming without a doubt. Now we are looking at the end and will prove that it happened. The Redeemed go up into the Heavens when the Church Age ceases. That was the gathering in the sky, in the Cloud at Sunset Mountain.

'THE EASTER SEAL';       Phoenix, Arizona. Saturday, 10th April, 1965.
122.  ...the Holy Spirit is here to find you. And when It finds you, you recognize Its call. You know the hour you're living. You know that these things are supposed to happen. Quickly you're raptured up to meet It, and now you're setting in Heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Oh, what a promise! What a Heavenly Father.

Look at that; rapture!!!! When you are found and see your Day and its Message - raptured! I am quickened ... quickened quickly.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS 4',   Jeff., Indiana. Conduct, Order & Doctrine Book. 30th Aug. 1964.
1160-Q-392.  ...The Bride, when she's taken from the church, then the Church Age will cease. Laodicea goes into chaos; the Bride goes to glory;

The Wife of Christ is taken out of the Church and then the Church Age that she was in, ceases. It happened to each Age.

'THE MASTERPIECE';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 5th July, 1965.
159.  ...I want you to notice real close of something that just happened. Malachi 4 is to bring back, back to the original.

Look at that. Malachi 4 took her out of the Church!

160.  She is smitten from the church, from the church body; smitten with Her Master, for the same purpose. She is the Word. Just the same as Joseph was smitten from his brethren, because he was the Word. And Jesus was smitten from His brethren, because He was the Word. The church is smitten... The Bride is smitten from the church, because She is the Word. There is your stages again; one, two, three, see, just exactly.

We were smitten and crucified and the Church Age ceased when the "Indictment" took place.

161.  The Word, living and in action, the Bible Bride, not some man-made bride; the Bible Bride, smitten and afflicted of God. "No beauty we should desire Her, but yet we did esteem Her smitten and afflicted of God." That's right. She stands alone. She is smitten from all the denominations, according to Revelations 3. She is smitten out of the Laodicean Church Age that She was raised up in.

Look at that. She is smitten from the Laodicean Church Age! It had to cease!

'POWER OF TRANSFORMATION';     Prescott, Arizona. 31st October, 1965.
118.  Christianity asks--asks no titles, it asks no favors. It only knows God. It's original seed. It loves God, and loves one another. There is no spraying on them, and babying them, and patting them around, and saying, "Yes, well, this sister, well, I think it's all right for her to have short hair, and this one not." And--and. there is no such stuff as that, and let them get by with this. It's--it's rugged, it's the Gospel! Lay it out there, let it fall where it will. Christians love it.

119.  Must I be patted on the back, and this, that, and the other, and babied? I expect my place out yonder with the rugged. I expect not to come up there with no trophy scars at all. If I must fight, if I must reign, increase my courage, Lord!

120.  See, let me stand like a Christian. Not to be a--a hybrid plant. Have to be babied and petted, and brought into something. You're not brought in anyhow, Christianity, you're borned in it. You become a new creature, you're a seed of God, that comes into the earth.

124.  Now if children has come up under that kind, see, under that kind of teaching, that's what their parents was, they have the nature of their parents, their denominations, and so forth, they have to believe that. See, they believe that because they're borned under that parent. But today we're not borned under that parent; our Parent is the Word. And the Word... "Well," say, "I was borned under God, too." For that age. But this is the climax age, this is the age beyond those denominations.

125.  There had to come forth, must come forth; God ordained it so, that there must come forth, them Seven Seals must be opened. It was supposed to be done in this Laodicean age. And I think, beyond any shadow of doubt ... Not as we brag; we have no brag, only on Jesus Christ; none of us. We only brag on Jesus Christ. But we are thankful with the... for the privilege of knowing by any... beyond any shadow of doubt, God has chose us in this last days, and has proven it by the signs in the Heavens and in the earth; and every one of them coming right straight back to the Word, to prove that it's so, this age that we live in, the Message and how It is. We're not a cult. We're not a bunch of fanatics. We are servants of God, that's been called by the Holy Ghost. You'll have all kinds of names tacked to you, but that don't mean it's so.

'RECOGNIZING YOUR DAY AND ITS MESSAGE';       Jeffersonville, Indiana. 26th July, 1964.
73.  The church age has ceased; the Seals has been opened, that prove what they left out in the church age, and the Message has been given.

'THE FUTURE HOME OF THE HEAVENLY BRIDEGROOM AND THE EARTHLY BRIDE';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. Sunday, 2nd August, 1964.
239.  ...When there is no more time, then you go into Eternity, after the seventh church age is over, and it is; Luther's age is over, Methodist age is over, Pentecostal age is over. And now you go into (what?) Eternity;

And it is! The Church has been received!

'TRYING TO DO GOD A SERVICE WITHOUT IT BEING GOD'S WILL';     Shreveport, Louisiana. 27th November, 1965.
156.  Don't be deceived, "He has already come, and they did to Him what was list." See? But they think there's a revival. Is it happening? No! It's done, and dead, it's over. Uh-huh. Notice, this is lamp-trimming time, coming out and going in.

He has already come! These next statements are some of my own to show these things happened.

The Age goes into chaos and the Bride goes into Glory. That is exactly what happened! The Age went into chaos by Rome entering the White House and destroying America's democracy. Ahab and Jezebel took the throne as Catholicism's dark shadow had encompassed the World. The 'woman' was in the White House at the end of the Age. The Pope died and a new ecumenical Pope stepped up in June, 1963.

That is right. So the Vatican that will receive a bomb, is where? The political scene went into chaos with the President assassinated. America lost its first war! The Beatles, drugs, and rock and roll were rampant. Earthquakes, with the Alaskan Earthquake being the significant one from the hand of the Angel, occurred at the end of the Age. The Church went into total darkness. The Pope took over the religious systems through the Ecumenical Council. We witnessed the Pope's trip to Jerusalem and the USA bringing the blackouts in New York.

Earthquakes were shaking the World! From the Opening of the Seals, it shook the whole Earth in every realm; politics, religion, nations, economics, the Church ... all shaking down, until all that is left with any life, is the Third Testament. The Lord declared the darkness in the Heaven by the eclipse of the moon hanging in the heavens. The denominational systems rejected the truth and the Age ended in earthquakes. Lastly, God removed His Prophet from the Earth. The Age ended in total darkness and complete chaos! The Church = the called out ones from denomination - the Mess-Age groups today - they shook down and lost their Light. The Third Testament is the light.

We know the Bride was smitten from the last Church Age. The Church Age ceased going into chaos politically, religiously and geographically with dictatorships, and assassinations. The Catholic 'woman' took the White House, the new Pope brought the Ecumenical move, the Earth was convulsing with earthquakes and the exit of the Seventh Angel Prophet, all by December 24, 1965.

The Bride went into Glory and was caught up by the Message of the Seventh Angel which is the Seventh Seal; she has been raptured since the Coming of the Lord at Sunset Mountain, February 28, 1963. The Prophet was clear in his statement, "Pulled the light of the age right out from the church and they went into complete total darkness and the wife was raptured into glory."

The Coming of the Lord is a glorious thing and the theologians of the Mess-Age made it into a terrifying thing for us.

'HE THAT IS IN YOU';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 10th November, 1963.
23 - 24.  And there was the Angels that sent back with them Message. And here it even is in the pyramid form, as I showed you what it would be in here, told you how They'd be standing, before I left.
Now there it is, scientifically, proof that it is the Truth, so therefore we don't worry about whether it's Truth; both scientifically, and spiritually, what was said come to pass. So, the Message of the Seven Seals, in their closing, that's the Message of the entire Bible. The Seven Seals closes the New Testament and sealed it up. That is true. Now, we know that that is, by prophetic utterance, by scientific, and by the Word. Three has give the witness to it, that it's the Truth.

The seven Seals closed the New Testament and sealed it up. The message of the seven Seals in their closing ... that's the message of the entire Bible. Now look at this clear statement about the Coming of the Lord: '

SOULS THAT ARE IN PRISON NOW';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 10th November, 1963.
208.  The Lamb took His Book when, the Seventh Seal just ready for it to be opened, the Sixth Seal. Remember, He hid the Seventh Seal from us. He wouldn't do it. When the Angel stood, day by day, telling it, but then He wouldn't do it on that one. Said, "There is silence in Heaven." No one knew. It was the Coming of the Lord.

William Branham stood there as the angel, day by day telling of the Coming of the Lord. No one knew. It was the Coming of the Lord! So now we see the Coming of the Lord again - Revelation 10, the coming of the Third Testament.

'THIS DAY THIS SCRIPTURE IS FULFILLED';     Jeffersonville, Indiana. 19th February, 1965.
147.  ...This day this Scripture is fulfilled, the Jews in their homeland.
148.  This day this Scripture is fulfilled, the Laodicea Church Age.
149.  This day this Scripture, Matthew 24, is fulfilled.
256.  I've read the Scripture, with a dozen or more evidences that we're living in the last day, the generation that will see Jesus Christ return to the Earth. And I say to you tonight, again, this day this Scripture is fulfilled in your sight.

Matthew 24 is fulfilled and the generation that saw Jesus Christ return in His Third Testament was the generation before us. Now we are here and understand ... in your sight.

'CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY OF GOD REVEALED';       Jeffersonville, Indiana. 28th July, 1963.
207.  ...Did you notice in that picture? Even that Angel on the right, when He was being materialized, coming down, with His wings back and His head setting sideways, there it is right there in the picture, just exactly. Months before it happened, told here, that, "He's going to bring the Body of believers together; to reveal, take up them lost ends."

Gathered the "body of believers" Sunset Mountain was the body of believers. The ministry of Moses and Elijah in the redeemed body of William Branham, (Jesus) in a human body, came to Jeffersonville and opened up that Sixth Seal. "Standing here" ... "Now here's these two prophets".

Now, notice. Don't let it choke you, but watch what opened that Seal: Prophets. See? Amen. There you are. Oh, we're living in the eagle day, brother, head up among the clouds. They opened that Sixth Seal. They have power to do it. Amen. There's your Sixth Seal coming open.

"Oh, we're living in the eagle day, brother, head up among the clouds. They opened that sixth seal. They have power to do it. Amen. There's your sixth seal coming open." Our head is Jesus Christ and we are among the Cloud now. We showed to you where the Second Coming started and where the Second Coming is fulfilled. There is no doubt with what we have shown.

Short audio extracts (Numbers 1-5) from the above message can be found HERE.