Williams Missionary Home in 1854 at Poverty Bay NZ.

A painting of 'The House of William Williams, first Bishop of Waiapu at Whakato, Poverty Bay, New Zealand.

The cottage at back was where William Leonard Williams first lived,
and where his son Frederick Wanklyn Williams was born October 1854'.

The artist of this oil painting is unknown.

Memoirs relating to above house

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IN THE PAINTING ABOVE there is a smalll cottage in the left background. The son of William Williams, William Leonard Williams moved into this cottage with his new wife Sarah on their return from England in 1854. In the book Through Ninety Years by F.W. Williams, he writes, ..."Mrs. Leonard Williams wrote in September, 1854, that she and her husband were then settled snugly in the cottage in the orchard, which consisted of two rooms each 8 feet by 10 feet with a passage between them. This was close to Archdeacon W. Williams's house at Whakato, where they usually took their meals."
Below is a floor plan of that cottage:

Floor plan of Williams Cottage in Orchard 1854.  

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