Tom's Letters

'TOM' is William Thomas Williams he is writing to his brother 'Sydney', (Edmund Sydney Williams - both are children of Thomas Sydney Williams). Sydney moved to London from Hamburg at age 19, in August 1836. So this letter would be written to Sydney later in the year 1836 (the year written on the envelope). Tom is 7 years old.


My Dear Sydney,

              I am very much obliged to you for the letter and book you sent me. I would have written before but there was no opportunity. We have got a new dog his name is Jelly the mother of Smut who is very well he can run as fast as I can as I have got the tooth ache so I remain your affec..ate brother Tom W..

The envelope is dated Jan 1837


Should these be called the 'tooth letters'?    Read on....

My dear Sydney

                    I wish you many happy returns of your birthday.  I have had 4 teeth drawn and never cried. Oh! For which I got a chaise and 2 horses and 2 dolls to ride in it

        I remain

Your affectionate Brother

            Tom Williams

The envelope is dated also Jan 1837


'Broke into a ditch' no doubt means, 'Fell through the ice'.

My dear Sydney

            I am ? quite well.
Mary Mary Busch Mr SMith Mr Ogle and John Harpin Broke into a ditch up to the ears in water and mud but they only spoiled their clothes and did not take cold. Papa has got 1 new tooth and Mary has had 2 teeth stuffed with gold I must go to bed so I remain your affectionate brother

William Thomas Williams

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