About these Williams Family Genealogy Research Pages

    The Rev. Thomas Williams and his wife Rebecca (nee Isgar or Isger) lived in Gosport, Hampshire, England, where Thomas had become a pastor in 1750. There has been no known written material or hard evidence such as birth records found for Thomas, and no actual written record or evidence of his ancestry at all that can verify or disprove any Williams family heritage claims or prior ancestry (other than the we know he did have relatives in Wales).

    So with that in mind, this website was begun in October 2006 with the purpose of attracting from the www, information pertaining to the early family.   The website is based around the family of Thomas Williams (born 1753), the son of Thomas and Rebecca, and for much of the website content I have used (with his encouragement) various articles compiled by Nevil Harvey-Williams who lives in Market Harborough, England, and who has spent many years researching the stamping grounds of our forbears.

   Relevant details of information obtained will be made available on the website for the family and those interested. The first of these being the 1794 letters of Thomas Williams, which were obtained in mid 2007.

Email Gary for correspondence relation to all content re. U.K. and N.Z. family, or website. Emails will be answered by Gary Williams or Nevil Harvey Williams.